This page is the result of a life-long project, a history of the Toler Family of Craven, Beaufort, and Pamlico Counties. The earliest proven ancestor of most of the Craven and Beaufort Tolers is James Toler (b. ca 1786, d. 1871). I am still trying to verify who his father was.

Early research pointed to Caleb Toler as his father; however, recent research has brought into question the relationship between Caleb and James. This new research also brings Daniel Toler to the forefront as James's possible father. After consultation with some fellow genealogists, I have concluded that Daniel is the father of James, the explanation is given in the information on Daniel Toler.

This site is based on the now out of print The Descendants of James and Rebecca Springle Toler that I compiled in 1992. In the years since the publication of that book, I have found numerous errors which have been corrected in this work. I have also included some items that were not included in the print edition, and increased the number of photographs used.

I have also added the Pamlico County Tolers to this online edition. The earliest proven ancestor for that branch is Mathias Toler (b. ca 1801). This Mathias was named as a cousin in the will of James Toler (1871). Just who Mathias's father was is still up to debate. Some have indicated Edward Toler, as his father, while others have shown a William Toler. I have shown Edward as the father in this genealogy until further research can prove otherwise.

The earliest Toler in Beaufort and Craven Counties is Mathias Toler (d. bef 1797). I have been unable to find his place of origin, as he seems to have been of age when he moved to Beaufort County in the 1750s. It is possible that he is related to the Toler family of Currituck County, N.C., as some of the same family names that appear in the Currituck County Toler family appear in the Craven/Beaufort/Pamlico Toler families.

I tried to avoid placing living people in this online edition; however, mistakes can be made. If you find a living person listed on this site, please inform me and I will promptly remove the person. If you have any information you would like to share or add to this site, please let me know.

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